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What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?

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A quick read for those interested in personal and professional development

"As someone who has not studied leadership, I wasn't sure what to expect. Dr. DePaul does a fantastic job here introducing leadership concepts that are easily digestible for the layman. Especially compelling is his contrast of leadership and management. The principles of leadership explored in this text can benefit anyone reading interested in bettering themselves both personally and professionally."


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Relatable content

"When reading this book, you feel part of a conversation, rather than a lecture. The author shares personal examples and real life scenarios that make the book relatable, instead of a bombardment of data. Even those who never before thought themselves as leaders can find themselves moving in that direction after reading this book."


- Kevin, Amazon book reviewer

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Do you rely on trial-and-error to develop?

5-Star Review

"DePaul is persuasive and sincere as he defines leadership, examines obstacles and prejudices, differentiates a manager from a leader, and ultimately motivates us as individuals to stand up as leaders."


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Powerful, Personal and Practical Leadership Concepts

"This is the second book from Dr. DePaul I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Yes, experiencing since his writing style is so conversational that you feel he is talking with you. The concepts are irrefutable and understandable and aspirational. Reading the book will be inspirational which is Dr. DePaul's intent - All of us are leaders and his tools give us resources be the leaders others will appreciate and admire."


- 3P Coachsulting, Amazon book reviewer

Start a spark in How You Lead

Leadership begins when we start making small and simple changes in how we interact with our peers, teams, and stakeholders.


Join thousands who strive to lead differently and serve a higher purpose!

For sixteen years, I worked in corporate America as an individual contributor, manager, and later as a manager of managers. I wasn't great at what I did, but I wasn't bad either.


Throughout most of those years, I learned to lead by trial-and-error and never seriously developed how I led until the last few years. That was a poor choice!


As a manager, I made mistakes and even poor choices. During one of my staff meetings, an employee told me that I was a bad manager (we're still friends, though). Trial-and-error learning made my job harder and my team less effective. 


Here's the hard truth: There are thousands of qualified managers searching for jobs, and you won't be competitive without strong leadership. You may not realize that your job is at risk when your leadership is weak. The good news is that leading effectively requires only small and simple changes. For them to work, you must apply them consistently.



This book is for you if you...


  • Don't know what leadership is or why it's important.
  • Are committed to developing your leadership.
  • Are willing to do the hard work to apply small but simple changes consistently (the key is consistency).
  • Leverage leadership to build a high-performing team.
  • Want to make a substantial difference in the lives of peers, teams, your organization, and those outside of work.


What you'll learn


How management and leadership differ


Most experts mislead their audience because they don't understand this difference. To learn leadership, you need to know how the practice of leadership works for any role regardless of career level.

The trouble with traditional leadership


Through my research, I discovered how the meaning of leadership has radically changed in the 21st century. Unfortunately, most of us still think traditionally, which can hurt the effectiveness of how we lead.

Stories of my setbacks and corrections


When I mentioned above that I made mistakes, I meant it! I share about fifty stories that illustrate the application of leadership. Some are my blunders, but others demonstrate leadership in action!

The seven secrets of leadership


To be effective, you need a moral compass, and the seven secrets are the components of your leadership compass. Think of them as principles that guide how you behave when interacting with others.

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