Leadership One-on-One Consulting

If you seriously want to change, explore how you can transform you and your teams through a discovery Zoom meeting with Gary DePaul.


Cost: $300 for a one-hour discovery meeting


Before the meeting:


  • Gary will research your background.
  • Expect a LinkedIn connection request.
  • The initial calendar details will be for a phone call. After scheduling, you will receive an email with a Zoom link. The calendar invitation will be updated as well.


During the meeting, Gary will ask questions about:


  • Who you are
  • Your role
  • Your direct reports (and indirect reports if you have them)
  • Your relationships
  • Your leadership philosophy
  • Your challenges and concerns


By the end of the meeting, you'll discuss:


  • What you can immediately start doing and even stop doing
  • How you can continue working with Gary to:
    • Discover your underlying, tacit needs
    • Develop your leadership capabilities
    • Improve how you can help your team become better at supporting and working with one another

Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do your employees trust you?
  • Do you have their backs and they have yours? 
  • Do your employees feel safe to speak openly about their insights or concerns?


  • Do your employees show up, work, but never give their time and energy to help others grow? Do you?


  • Do you lead with compassion? Do you model respect towards your employees?


  • Is it time for a change?