HRBP Research Project


Gary DePaul seeks Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs) for 30-minute interviews. Data collected will be summarized in his next book, HRBP 3.0 (available late 2020). A complementary research summary will be released as well.


Dr. DePaul would like to interview professionals in the following roles:

  • HRBP
  • Manager of HRBPs
  • CHROs



In HRBP 3.0, Dr. DePaul will discuss:

  1. The current state of HRBP programs
  2. An HRBP methodology and process
  3. Recommendations for implementing an HRBP program
  4. Recommendations for enhancing existing HRBP programs


    Study focus

    If you are in an HRBP role, Dr. DePaul will discuss the following topics:

    1. Your basic demographics (for example: years in the role, industry, number of years in role, organization size, number of clients)
    2. How you became an HRBP
    3. How you learned your role and how you continue to learn
    4. Your enablers and barriers
    5. Your opinion about the role

    HRBP managers and CHROs will focus on managing their HRBP program and professionals in this role.


    Return for participating

    In addition to contributing to the body of HRBP research, interviewees will receive an advance copy of the research summary.

    How to participate

    If you are ready, use my online scheduler.


    You will need to complete the following fields:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Telephone Number
    • Appointment date and time

    Typically before the appointment, I read your online profile (preferably a LinkedIn profile).


    If I'm not a LinkedIn connection, I may request connecting. Note that I do not solicit services directly to connections, but I do post frequently on my feed.

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    Any unique identifier, such as industry and location, will be published. Interviewees will have an opportunity to review the final report and request changes before the report becomes available to others.