Consulting Services

Leadership and performance-focused

Dr. DePaul provides consulting services to help organizations identify opportunities to improve leadership and performance. Depending on the scope, Dr. DePaul may bring a team of experts, each with decades of experience, to help with analysis.


Some consulting projects lead to training development projects


Examples of consulting projects

  • Analyze mid-level and frontline managers: To effectively execute enterprise strategies, mid-level and frontline managers need to lead their teams in a particular way. Unfortunately, how managers lead often misaligns with senior executive expectations. Dr. DePaul's analysis exposes these gaps, and his recommendations help mitigate them.
  • Evaluate leadership development programs: Leadership development is a critical part of ongoing training. However, too many organizations design their programs without considering the programs that would 
  • Analyze business-unit performance maturity: Departments may be effective at what they accomplish, but are they optimized to perform? This technique analyzes multiple departments' level of performance maturity with their processes, communication, knowledge management, and training.
  • Evaluate HR Business Partner (HRBP) program: Several organizations have adopted HRBP programs, but some haven't been implemented effectively. This evaluation identifies HRBP performance limitations caused by internal barriers.
  • Analyze the performance of a specific role: Organizations may need to optimize the performance of a specific role to meet or exceed business goals. This analysis identifies gaps between desired and current performance. The focus is on a specific role, such as:
    • A sales team
    • Instructional designers
    • Project managers
    • HRBPs
    • Call-center agents
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